What is Kimchi?

Momma Min’s Kimchi is an organic pickled vegetable packed with spicy, salty, spunky flavors and sexy nutrients. As a naturally and continuously fermenting product, probiotic nutrients add to its unique heat-aroma flavor profile. It is not necessarily a condiment or garnish like cornichons or sauerkraut, but can be eaten as a salad or appetizer on its own. It also makes ordinary dishes more exciting: tacos, hotdogs, and even tuna salad! We have innovated traditional kimchi by using organic greens such as Red Kale and Green Cabbage and replaced stinky fish sauce while keeping an umami savor.

How is Momma Min’s Kimchi Packed?

Momma Min’s Kimchi is hand-packed to ensure even compression of vegetables and elimination of air
pockets for full fermentation potential. After washing and rubbed with salt, the vegetables are left to sit.
The salt rub extracts water from the vegetables, while also providing a nice base layer of flavor.
An ancient artisinal technique of preparing the vegetables by massaging in wet and dry sauce ingredients is used before packing kimchi into the jar. Then after mixing the vegetables with sauce, handfuls of kimchi are layered into the jar with as few pockets of air as possible. Finally, we pour in a liquid base sauce to finish.

How is Momma Min’s Kimchi so nutrient rich? 

Fermentation is a processes in which sugars are converted to acids creating good bacteria. The
probiotic value produced from lactic acid bacteria is similar to good bacetria found in yogurt. Our
innovative formula includes good-for-you-greens such as Kale, Rainbow Chard, and Collard Greens.